Sales/Supply Chain Manager

The success of a company relies on the business and revenue it generates. Maintaining happy customers while pursuing new relationships is essential to this task.

Deep River Technologies, and our strategic partners, help to implement and integrate Microsoft® Dynamics® NAV and Microsoft® Dynamics® CRM solutions that let businesses meet customer needs, drive more sales and build strong customer relationships. With this end-to-end sales and marketing, financial reporting and operations solution, the Sales department is able not only to drive future growth but to shape the direction of the company and meet its goals through customer relationships created by sales engagements.

Sales representatives must have available to them the most accurate company data, including up-to-the-minute product and service pricing as well as information about clients. Success for the sales department depends largely on immediate access to business-critical information, which helps them to accurately and quickly respond to customer needs. Customer relationship management (CRM) software gives the sales team a strategic advantage and make information that can be hard to find or that resides in disparate systems centralized and readily available. With our implementation of corresponding Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP functionality, we bring all of this together with invoicing, operations management, other finance functions and more.

Functions & Benefits

Qualifying leads and closing the deal

  • Extensive research, effort, and time are necessary to maintain customers, manage a team and qualify sales leads.
  • Sales Managers rely on key sales information, such as staff performance data, budget and expense information, and product pricing, as well as information on potential customers, including intelligence that helps determine a customer's market and financial position.
  • The contact and opportunity management features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV support the maintenance of detailed profiles of sales contacts and to move the sales process along so that Sales managers can pursue all actionable opportunities.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM from our partners offers integrated, flexible customer relationship management (CRM) tools that enable the tracking and reporting of sales results and events on customer accounts.

Easy access to data to improve sales processes:

  • Sales Managers must have up-to-the-minute business and industry data, and to quickly and effectively access, share and analyze that data.
  • With Microsoft Dynamics CRM from our strategic partners, our clients can document and manage customers and prospects; create, view, revise, and distribute financial reports; and assign tasks to the Sales and other teams and ensure their completion.
  • In turn, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions that we implement maintain information from throughout the organization in a single repository, providing a comprehensive view.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions work with and like other Microsoft products—for example, data can be exported and analyzed directly in Microsoft Office Excel and reports can be created in preferred formats and made available through business portals built on Microsoft® SharePoint® technology.

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